Digital product designer.
Typography geek.
Amateur drummer.
Well-dressed computer nerd.

I was always a visual thinker, fascinated by style, aesthetics, graphics, and especially typography. When I was 12 years old, my relationship with the digital world began. Back when Adobe Flash and Photoshop were my favorite games to play I used to design websites, mobile OS themes (in the pre-smartphone era) and even silly flash-based games.

Today, I thrive in the fast-paced world of tech, yet I never compromise on thorough work. Working with me means working transparently and collaboratively. I see myself as a facilitator, sharing work-in-progress early and often, and ensuring clear communication in order to deliver the best possible results. I consider my work as curating patterns and identifying trends, while striving to balance uniqueness with measurable outcomes.

I love testing boundaries and challenge conventional thinking – asking questions is my superpower. I'm a big-picture oriented person, often switching perspectives to gain a broader understanding. My goal is always to foster a growth mindset in myself and hopefully, in my surroundings. Devoted by nature, ambitious in my aesthetic aspirations, and believing both god and the devil are in the details.

I love working with authentic, open minded individuals. People who are focused yet adaptable, and appreciate the value of communication. I can not underestimate the importance of a good brief, or an accurate feedback.


Product designer @ Nilus

2022 - Present

Crafting Nilus' Payment Ops web-app, collaborating closely with developers to establish a lightweight design system that match the company's rapid growth. Additionally, I'm also helping the company explore new domains and offerings, while enhancing user understanding and incorporating their objectives into the software interface.

Lance logo

Product designer @ Lance

2021 - 2022

Designed Lance’s mobile app (Android & iOS) while maintaining and expanding an existing UI-library. Designed & iterated over visual marketing assets and paired landing pages (Webflow). Maintained & expanded existing brand visual language. Researched, both qualitative & quantitive - gathered feedback, initiated surveys & conducted remote usability-testings.

Product designer @ esh

2019 - 2021

Designed & prototyped a mobile app (Android & iOS). Researched, conceptualized & iterated with product managers over a BaaS platform. Created a dedicated, holistic design-system for the two platforms. Crafted a brand strategy, visual language, and a brand-book (yet eventually, it was never released.)

Juno logo

Product designer @ Juno

2018 - 2019

Conceptualized & designed features for iOS mobile app, from wireframe to handoff. Initiated and led a project to craft Juno’s first design-system. Led a project to support dark-mode theme for both rider’s and driver’s apps. Initiated a bi-weekly ‘Support buddy’, which had designers accompanied to support specialists to listen to rider’s problems.

Apricode Logo

Product designer @ Apricode

2017 - 2018

Worked directly with clients to define & articulate product requirements. Designed, from wireframe to handoff, more than 5 digital products within 1 year. Iterated, directly with clients, over more than 7 existing products the studio had. Occasionally helped developers with front-end implementation.

Freelance designer @ WOO


Worked as a freelancer with WOO’s design team, helping them to design UI components, presentations, and brand assets for internal & external usage using existing brand guidelines.

Nadmiz studio logo

Graphic & UI designer @ Nadmiz Studio


Designed logos and brand guidelines for small clients. Worked directly with clients such as Amdocs, The Ritz Carlton Hotel, and more to design marketing materials and internal graphic assets, both for print and digital. Designed the visual identity and brand guidelines for Ashdod’s first Hip-Hop festival, called ‘Vav’.

WD creatives logo

Graphic designer @ WD creative


Designed logos as well as brand identities, presentations, and marketing websites for small and big clients. Worked with big companies such as Bezek, Hever, and Le'umi Bank, to design internal graphics for day to day and special events.